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Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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 Turn your chicken coop into a safe zone!

If you have chickens then you definitely need this Automatic Chicken Coop Door. It will give you security and peace of mind knowing that none of your chickens will go missing or get attacked by predators.
It is 100% waterproof and features a very sturdy  design. The automatic chicken coop door also has light sensors that detects whether it is day or night.

The ultimate automatic door

The ultimate automatic door for every chicken keeper! This Automated chicken coop door opener will surprise you with its WATERPROOF feature, STURDY design, EASY user interface, and most importantly, a LIGHT SENSOR that takes care of your chickens being safe at night and being free-range by day.

Time setting or Light Sensor

Set and go means that your door will work by itself when the sun is up and will go down when the sun goes down. If needed, you can set the timer for opening with the test button.


  • EASY TO INSTALL - The installation of the automatic chicken door takes less than 10 minutes, and there are screw holes for installtion.

    You can even choose one of three motor strength settings. The mechanism is simple, reliable, and works well. This updated version has all of the flexibility you need while still being very simple to set up.

  • HIGH & LOW TEMPERATURES -  It is able to withstand all types of temperatures and all types of weather conditions. The battery lasts for up to a year
    • AUTOMATIC - The doors work using automatic light sensing technology, so when the morning light sets in, the doors open and when it's night time the doors close safely


Q: Can predators open my Automatic Coop Door and hurt my chickens?

A: No. It would take a 100 pound racoon to open this door after it has closed...and if you have racoons that big, I wouldn't be having chickens or small children.


Q: Will the Automatic Coop Door crush my chickens?

AIf it senses resistance (for example, a trapped chicken). The door stays in that position until you open the door manually with the test button and release the obstruction.


Q: Will a motion detector light cause it to open in the middle of the night?

A: The light sensor is designed to be sensitive to natural light but not overly sensitive to artificial light sources.

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